E-bikes are becoming more and more popular. Find out about training opportunities.

E-bike training course

The electric motor in an e-bike gives extra power as you pedal, making everyday rides easier.

If you're new to e-bikes, keep in mind they are heavier and often faster than regular bikes. Get used to the differences before riding in traffic. As with any bike, you'll want to have confident handling, good lane positioning and know how to be seen by drivers.

What e-bike training is available?

Some experienced instructors have specialist knowledge related to e-bikes. They might offer:

  • workplace training and assessment programmes
  • guided e-bike rides
  • public events to try out e-bikes
  • private tuition.

About workplace training

More workplaces are setting up e-bike fleets for staff use, whether to get to a meeting across town or to deliver small goods. If you're planning such a move, think about:

  • selecting suitable bike models
  • bike-handling and on-road riding skills for your staff, and assessing their competence to ride
  • having rules around acceptable use — like with your existing vehicle fleet
  • planning safe routes
  • having regular bike checks by an e-bike mechanic
  • nominating e-bike champions in the workforce who can promote best practice and induct newcomers

Experienced instructors can help or advise on all these steps.

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