Enjoy bike riding and want to share it with others? You’re ready to be a Ride Leader. An informative workshop shows you how to lead group rides in your local area.

Introduction to social group riding and being a Ride Leader.

You learn Ride Leader skills in one-day workshops which combine theory and practical learning on your bike. These are held around the country. Everything you learn will help you to easily set up a riding group and safely lead participants on social rides.

Community champions: Gain the knowledge and confidence to lead others on the kind of rides you love.

Organisers of established cycling groups: Pick up expert riding techniques and planning methods.

James Tabak"With the good group of Ride Leaders we have, we've seen people come in with no bunch riding skills and they have picked up the skills to ride with others confidently. Seeing people grow is a big thing." 
James Tabak, ride leader in Christchurch

Ride Leader workshops

At the workshop you learn both how to set up a riding group, and how to ride confidently as a group. This includes:

  • tips for starting a social ride group
  • planning rides
  • navigating intersections and roundabouts as a group
  • communicating with each other during the ride
  • signalling
  • how to lead group rides on shared pathways

After the workshop, there' ongoing support as needed. Plus, you can tap into the network of Ride Leaders to share experiences and direct people to the ride that suits them.

Betsy Bryant"There's a great range of people and ages. Riding is for everyone. If we're riding, our kids will ride and the grand children will ride and ride with us, and that is very cool."
Betsy Bryant, ride leader in Te Awamutu


To train as a ride leader

Contact Mike Young at ride@cyclingnewzealand.nz

The Ride Leader programme is run by Cycling New Zealand in partnership with local councils and regional sports trusts.