When young people gain competence and confidence, they can enjoy bike riding more. BikeReady provides best practice cycle education in schools.

Student learning to ride on road.

BikeReady brings together professional instructors and your child's teacher to deliver learning experiences based on national guidelines and teaching resources.

BikeReady instructors are qualified to deliver cycle skills courses. They help your child learn how to handle their bike, be respectful of others and how to ride on the road (when ready). Each child gets feedback to help their next steps.

Teachers ensure the instructors know about any special needs. Teachers also continue the learning in the classroom, using BikeReady teaching resources. These help your child reinforce what they know about safe and skilled bike riding.

What your child's experience may look like

Age 4-6

Learns to ride a bike at home with help from family and whānau.

Age 8+

BikeReady instructors run cycle skills training in the school grounds. Your child brings their bike to school. They learn to turn, to use one hand to signal and to look all around while riding. They also look at what makes a safe bike and helmet.

Classroom learning gets your kid working in subjects like science, maths and health to think critically and creatively about the causes and consequences of skilled riding.

Age 10+

BikeReady instructors return to school. Your child gains the skills to ride on the road for local journeys such as to school or the local shops. Instructors taking students out on quiet local roads.

Your child learns about observation techniques, defensive riding strategies, the road rules and riding in the right position to "see and be seen".

Your child may take part in another module involving classroom learning and on-road riding. They work with peers to plan the best route to their next school or another destination, then ride it with instructors.

How you can be involved

Help your child learn the basics of bike riding. BikeReady has tips for doing this:

Teach your kids to ride a bike

You'll receive a letter from your school when BikeReady is due to happen. Return this promptly. Check your child's bike has air in the tyres and working brakes. Check your child's bike helmet is not cracked or damaged.

After the course, talk to them about what they've learned.

If your school is not signed up to BikeReady, direct them to this website and ask them to get involved.

Go on bike rides with your child. Dads, mums and extended family are important role models.

Become an instructor. If you're keen to share your love of bike riding, this is a great way to contribute.

How to become an instructor